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Oct 27, 2012 12:30pm PDT
as a store manager on geary boulevard.fg i decided to run for the board of supervisors because i sawdcf a neighborhood resident hit by a car on gearyc crossing the?Ñó.ç street. at an intersection that did not have a traffic0[ light an intersection that should have had a traffic light over 20 years ago. i felt it was irrectit)p&f of our electedú]dr officialsé to not take care of a safety issue like installing traffic d!w as supervisor, i will make it my priority to make sure safetyj c @&c"p issues like this are the number one as supervisor there's acicqsnçjp &c @&c"p of things i want to do. first, as i mentioned earlier, for safety i want to have all geary boulevard from ocean beach to thel└bd geary tunnel. in addition to geary, i also want trafficuzpu lights installed on the major business corridors, these include6┐i clement street balboa, and california. now, for cleanliness inr7 neighborhoods, there's a couple of things we need to do. first, i want to go backqn to str the neighborhood. we have tried street cleaning on
Oct 28, 2012 9:30pm PDT
in the richmond, and work as a store manager on geary boulevard.fg i decided to run for the board of supervisors because i sawdca neighborhood resident hit by a car on gearyc crossing the?Ñó.ç street. at an intersection that did not have a traffic0[ light, anintere had a traffic light over 20 years ago. i felt it was irrectit)p&f of oé to not take care of a safety issue like installind!wraffic as supervisor, i will make it my c @&c"p issues like this are the number one as supervisor, there's acicqsnç. first, as i mentioned earlier, geary boulevard from ocean beach to thel⌞bd geary tunnel. in addition to geary, i also want trafficuzpuç lights instan the major business corridors, ⌝i clement street, balboa, and california. now, for cleanliness inr7 neighborhoods, there's a couple of things we need to do. first, i want to go backqn to str the neighborhood. we have tried street cleaning only once 4dlped the cleanliness of the it has consistently worse. going back to two times a week street cleaning will improve the situation. twice a week street cleaning i also want to have targeted like
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's report and that answers commissioners questions. i'll move on to that as well. the geary vrt project, quickly we completed the most recent round of outreach. we're currently incorporating the feedback we received from that outreach, prepping for the full environmental impact statement and refining other design. we're in the workshop stage right now. and we have that project manager if there are specific questions about geary. moving to the mta and dpw projects, one of the key projects in district 5 is a bike improvement project. this project is environmental review and design is underway. the project [speaker not understood] a $350,000 bicycle project to a complete streets project including curb ball, traffic calming and traffic management items. it's about $1.3 million project that happened after the planning process. again, this is to provide connections on -- bike connections on fallen oak and pan handle and key connections across the city. construction is planned to start in the spring. remainder of funding will be from the [speaker not understood]. the next project we have is th
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
and extend into the present theater district of geary street. i think it's a wonderful idea and can be a beginning. i had a couple of things i did want to mention. the first is, and i have talked to the architect about this, and i am sure they're going to take care of it and make sure the lobby is warm and rich enough with the colors and as people go into legitimate theater you are used to lobbies that are comfortable areas and not that it isn't going to be comfortable but has to have that feel for a theater. a couple other things that came up in our discussion and the first is there are trues in front of the theater now and they need a little work. i appreciate the trees on market. they might not be in the best positions but if there is anything to be done as a project along market to prune them more evenly and allow visibility to what is behind them that is something that we need to work on, and the other issue that came up i believe there is not a port to share but a drop off area that exists now and in practical terms when people are visiting and need for various reasons ne
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
geary and ofarrel. this is currently licensed as a type 21 off-sale general and type 42 on-sale beer and wine. the applicant has agreed to surrender 21 and 42 upon issuance of type 48 license by the abc. for the purposes of this hearing, the abc seeks a determination from the board of supervisors as to approval or denial of this license. no records of police calls for services from july 2011 to june 2012. no record of police reports from july 2011 to june 2012. this premises is located on plot 174. the high crime area is defined as 215 or more reported incidents in a plot. this plot has 1,232 reported incidents reported for 2010. this is over the high crime area defined definition by 1,017. the applicant premises is located in the high-crime area. this premises is located in census track 117. on-sale license authorized by the census track is seven. active on-sale licenses, 93. the applicant premises is located in an undue concentration area. one valid letter of protest was received by the abc. no record of letters of support with the abc. there's no opposition from tenderloin station
Oct 26, 2012 10:00pm PDT
themselves to our large theater on geary. little did we know that a property like the strand can be ours and it's in a location that allows act to be a liter in the changing face of central market. we look forward to the day that our current and new audience will attend the the renovated strand theater and to bring education and great theater to our city. i ask the commission to support this project and look forward to you being there on opening night in 2014. thank you. >> thank you>> good afternoon. i am brad and work with the nonprofit organization serving 350 dance companies and theaters in san francisco and nearly 3,000 artists and i am thrilled to see this project of act moving forward and embodied the vision that we have and the mayor office had and so many seeing the development in mid-market but i believe there were concerns raised about that development pushing out artists and groups and nonprofits and this is an incredible opportunity for us to save and restore a historic landmark and make sure that the arts and the nonprofits have a place in the new midmarket. we heard mov
Oct 15, 2012 1:30pm PDT
line will cut trip times in half to 68% of the population. this is on the geary side of geary and stockton. this is a view of the geary side of the square as it exists today, and i would like for to you focus your eye on the middle right of the photographs, as the next slide will show you the overlay of the station itself. it actually restores all, but 250 square feet to public use. the station essentially is blended into the park, as you have seen from the prior slides, the before-and-after shots and all, but 250 square feet of park property will be restored. >> can you barely tell that there is a kind of a transit station there. it fits so nicely into the landscape. >> exactly. that is what mark bueller's comment was it's a great example of great design applied to a great park. and this is a view of the walk able surface, looking on the existing union square and looking towards geary. and this is essentially the same vantage point, but towards stockton. it will become a podium for users of the park to walk on to the walkable roof and actually observe the intersection. and
Oct 30, 2012 6:30am PDT
. for the first 20 years act was a theater company rising money for the geary after the earthquake. it's a magnificent theater but it's a thousand seats and limited ourselves and the performance opportunity focus the students and use by the community. >> >> when i first arrived in san francisco two years ago i looked at every possible venue on market street or near market street for a second home. i came back it for the best performance and like the geary it was built in the 20th century and sadly the strand theater spent the last nine years as a porn theater before it waserated by the san francisco police and closeed in 2003 and since then it's been unoccupied because of squatters and birds and it has a wonderful location and public transportation doesn't get better. the area is sketchy now but we believe turning the lights on will only increase safety and civil behavior and excited what the market street plan will do for all of us. the new strand theater will houselet 320 seat theater and for performance and events and a small cafe. it will open along to the street and allow act t
Oct 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
future needs as the need to move training division out of the presidio yard up on geary and masonic, which it currently resides. again, that needs to happen in order for us to redevelop that facility and modernize it. it is ready now. or just about. it is close to ready now. we really have kind of a narrow window of opportunity here to capture a site that otherwise -- you know, that we don't really see available alternatives to. while i will speak to some of what the budget analysts raise, the fact is that this is a fair market value lease, we had an independent appraisal done. we do think it is a reasonable value. the fact is that as you all know, and i was at the forecast san francisco event this morning where some economists confirmed this, real estate costs in this city are rising very, very fast. we are off the charts for the rest of the country. so the idea that delay might get us a better deal, i think we'd have to think about that in terms of reality of today's real estate market. so in terms of the budget analyst report, i want to thank them, first of all, for working so cl
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am PDT
. and finally on masonic and geary, this is the first time i understood that frontage road in front of what used to be the pub. would be closed. that would mean that cars going east on geary and south on masonic go around the plaza and make a new and more dangerous turn. you don't know how well that is analyzed. >> laney motave. >> hi, i am tracy buck, i have lived at the corner of masonic and grove for the past 18 years. as my neighbor has said, we have seen it all. i have heard the horns honking on a daily basis. i have seen car accidents. i drive, and i need drive. and nine times out of 10, i park on masonic. whether across the street or a block away or five blocks
Oct 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
of the sunset. supervisor mar also recently introduced similar legislationion for geary boulevard. the five' currently applies to many of our commercial corridors. this legislation advances good urban design principles promoting tall area ground floor and will help further activate these two ncds with good ground floor uses. the legislation will not allow for an extra story of development. we met with a number of the neighborhood organizations in the noe valley and castro and there is a wide support for this legislation. thank you colleagues. >> thank you. and do we have a presentation from planning? supervisor? so we have kimia from the planning department. >> good afternoon, chair mar and supervisors. yes, so the planning commission heard this item september 27 emand approved it. it's a 5' height for active and activity uses on the ground floor, provided can only be applied to the ground floor. and also, it's not sufficient to floor. as the supervisor mention there had is a good design policy and there have been several press departments. thank you. >> thank you. and thank you supervi
Oct 5, 2012 11:00am PDT
and geary -- sixth and geary. a lot of issues in our neighborhood tend to be graffiti, carbos thing. sometimes, there are robberies, and on occasion the occasional killing happens. but it is nowhere near the other problems that other districts have. i often what the district with the police captain and look at the data that comes out to look at where crimes happen within the district. there is often different types of criminal activity that happen, but the police, i think, are very sensitive when residents call to really hone in on key areas and no one crime may happen, but it is a very primitive and proactive approach. i do think that the police department is one of the most community sensitive in our district as well, so they often are, with community meetings, and building a community advisory committee, our officers work closely with our police department to ensure that our neighborhood is safe. >> governor brown proposed eliminating funding for redevelopment agencies. talking about your opinion of this plan. >> i think the governor's proposal is very dangerous, and it may reall
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
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Oct 3, 2012 11:30am PDT
emerged, whether we had an opportunity at $21 million, i'm going to ask either ms. boes or ms. mcgeary to speak to. i will say, you know, it's not 21 to 70 isn't apples to apples or 34 to 70 even isn't apples to apples because there are operating costs the landlord will be paying over the course of this. i will also say my understanding -- they can correct me -- is that the appraisal did include the 4% increase. it would be good for us to all be clear on that. if i got that wrong, i apologize. my understanding is that it did. again, based on the appraisal, to answer your first question, i do believe it is a good deal, or at least a reasonable deal for the sfmta -- i guess what i would say is just because it is a good deal for the person on the other side of the signature block doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad deal for us. how we got to the point of seeking the purchase versus now bringing this lease to you, i would like to ask our real estate manager, cfo, to speak more directly to that. >> i appreciate that. i have specific questions about the lease. i don't have a problem with pe
Oct 4, 2012 11:30pm PDT
it really is an important issue. >> fair enough. >>> good morning, supervisors. i'm kirsten mcgeary, senior management real estate, mta. so it's been a long process for us to find this site. we have looked at a number of properties for many years. we've been asked, why this site? we've looked at sites owned by goodmans. for instance, 12 to 13 acres in the southeast industrial area. it would take an eminent domain process. there's 20 or more small businesses in that property. the property for the land would be about $40 to $45 million, in addition to build a building the same size, 250,000 square feet would be another $20 to $30 million. we would be in the $60 to $65 million range. we have looked at sites for hazardous materials, south of the facility is owned by pg&e called the marantz and another site by jenon, that needs a lot of remediation. we have looked at port properties with state trusts on them. it's been a long process. this property we have negotiated for 14 months with prologis. it was a tough set of negotiations. this side has been through a lot of due diligence. the price of $
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
of dollars and tunnel down 19th avenue and geary and provide real transportation and get people where they need to go. >> mr. garcia. >> there was a comedian on johnny carson and she said the people go to school and said watch the lights and it's the cars. the lights didn't kill anybody and i watch horrified and the kids are texting and otherwise not paying attention and they walk into the street because they have the right-of-way. we have to educate them. it's difficult and when you go left or right and the time is up and your time to turn is up so we have that problem. on slope it's terrible watching the kids trying to cross the street and it's a dangerous street and narrowed it and we need to do more and the lighted cross walks and someone is in the cross walk and if you're in the right lane you see them stop and not sure why. >> all right. next question. on the subject of transportation. two part question. how would improve muni's on time performance and support students. >> yeah. i am one of the few muni riders regularly and muni's on time performance is atrocious and i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 107 (some duplicates have been removed)